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At Success Vet Hospital we provide a full range of veterinary services. As well as routine visits for vaccination, desexing and general health checks, we can provide all of diagnostic, medical and surgical treatments that your pet may require. We pride our selves on offering friendly, professional and affordable vet services.

At Success Vet Hospital we can cover all of your pet’s health requirements.



Our expert vets, have many years of experience, dealing with a wide range of medical cases. From complicated disease processes like diabetes and renal disease to managing skin and ear problems, arthritis and even emergencies like snake bite, motor vehicle accidents and poisonings.

Supported by a hospital fully equipped with laboratory testing, veterinary medical imaging, multiple anaesthetic units, oxygen on demand, and a full range of monitoring equipment, we are able to take on the most difficult cases.

At Success Vet Hospital we aim for continuity of care. Our vets are careful and thorough and discuss cases on a daily basis. You will not see multiple inexperienced vets who do not communicate with each other. We are not a corporate practice – we live, breathe and work in the hospital on a daily basis.

Success Vet Hospital offers high quality services across all aspects of small animal vet work, with experienced, compassionate, practical vets and vet nurses.



Our expert vets, have a wealth of experience performing a wide range of surgical procedures. We perform soft tissue surgery including lump removals, abdominal surgery and desexing. We also perform complicated orthopaedic procedures such as cruciate repairs, luxating patellae and bone pinning.

At Success Vet Hospital we are fully equipped with a range of state of the art technology including electrocautery, suction and advanced anaesthetic monitoring. An oxygen generating system provides an extra level of anaesthetic safety and enable ongoing oxygen therapy if required.

Your pet will be in safe hands at Success Vet Hospital. If you think your pet might need surgery, book a consultation today.



Is your pet displaying any of these symptoms?

  • difficulty eating
  • smelly breath
  • dirty, dark or discoloured teeth

If the answer to any of these is “yes” then please ask us about our dental services.

From routine descale and polishing to advanced surgical extractions, Success Vet Hospital is fully equipped to look after all of your pet’s dental needs. Regular dental checks can be performed by any of our staff. Dental procedures are carried out most weekdays.

After a general consultation with a fully qualified vet or nurse, we can determine the best dental procedure for your pet. A general anaesthetic is required for a dental procedure, since we can’t just ask your pet to “Open wide!”. A descale and polish is performed using an ultrasonic scaler, just like your own human dentist would use. Teeth are checked in detail and if any extractions are required they are performed during the procedure. Appropriate pain relief will be given to your pet afterwards.

Questions about your pet’s dental health? Give Success Vet Hospital a call – our friendly staff will can give you plenty of advice about caring for your pet’s teeth at home.




Success Vet Hospital has a range of state of the art pathology equipment to enable swift in-house analysis of blood, bodily fluids and tissue – we don’t have to send samples off-site like other Perth vets.

Skin, ear cytology and urine exams are performed during your consultation, enabling us to make the most appropriate treatment recommendations immediately – no guess work required. Urine is tested and examined under the microscope. Samples from lumps, skin and ear infections can also be examined instantly. Having access to results rapidly right here at Success Vet Hospital improves the decision making and speed of diagnosis.

Blood samples can be taken during consultation and are run in-house. Your pet’s results are available within hours. We also take blood samples immediately prior to administering an anaesthetic to further improve anaesthetic safety.

Some of the conditions we can diagnose at our in-house veterinary pathology laboratory include kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, hormonal imbalances, and even certain cancers. You can be confident that the friendly and expert vets at Success Vet Hospital have the best technology at their fingertips to diagnose and treat your pet.

Call us today to book your pet in for an appointment if you’re worried about their health or would like a routine check up.




Success Vet Hospital is equipped with state of the art medical imaging machines, enabling us to quickly and easily examine your pet and diagnose conditions we may not otherwise have noticed. Radiology, ultrasound and endoscopy are all available.

Radiology or X-rays are used routinely for examining orthopaedic, abdominal, cardiac and respiratory cases.

Ultrasound gives the ability to look at 3 dimensional detail, particularly in the abdomen. If needed, we can also arrange a specialist ultrasonographer to attend the practice. Ultrasounds are often performed under sedation, as the best images are generated when the subject is very still.

Endoscopy is an invaluable tool for looking into ears, down throats and into the chest and stomach if required. We’ve removed all sorts of things, from grass seeds to fish hooks, with this fancy camera!

General anaesthetic is usually required for radiology and endoscopy imaging, to ensure your pet’s comfort and care.

You can be confident our vets are well-equipped to examine, diagnose, and carefully treat your pet. Call us today to book a consultation with our experienced vets, Mark, Dave, Lucy or Cheree.

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