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Success Veterinary Hospital
93 Hammond Rd
Cockburn Central
WA 6164

(08) 9414 9888


Success Vet Hospital has a range of state of the art pathology equipment to enable swift in-house analysis of blood, bodily fluids and tissue - we don’t have to send samples off-site like other Perth vets.

Skin, ear cytology and urine exams are performed during your consultation, enabling us to make the most appropriate treatment recommendations immediately – no guess work required. Urine is tested and examined under the microscope. Samples from lumps, skin and ear infections can also be examined instantly. Having access to results rapidly right here at Success Vet Hospital improves the decision making and speed of diagnosis.

Blood samples can be taken during consultation and are run in-house. Your pet’s results are available within hours. We also take blood samples immediately prior to administering an anaesthetic to further improve anaesthetic safety.

Some of the conditions we can diagnose at our in-house veterinary pathology laboratory include kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, hormonal imbalances, and even certain cancers. You can be confident that the friendly and expert vets at Success Vet Hospital have the best technology at their fingertips to diagnose and treat your pet.

Call us today to book your pet in for an appointment if you’re worried about their health or would like a routine check up.


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