Radiology, Ultrasound and Endoscopy

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Success Vet Hospital is equipped with state of the art medical imaging machines, enabling us to quickly and easily examine your pet and diagnose conditions we may not otherwise have noticed. Radiology, ultrasound and endoscopy are all available.

Radiology or X-rays are used routinely for examining orthopaedic, abdominal, cardiac and respiratory cases.

Ultrasound gives the ability to look at 3 dimensional detail, particularly in the abdomen. If needed, we can also arrange a specialist ultrasonographer to attend the practice. Ultrasounds are often performed under sedation, as the best images are generated when the subject is very still.

Endoscopy is an invaluable tool for looking into ears, down throats and into the chest and stomach if required. We've removed all sorts of things, from grass seeds to fish hooks, with this fancy camera!

General anaesthetic is usually required for radiology and endoscopy imaging, to ensure your pet’s comfort and care.

You can be confident our vets are well-equipped to examine, diagnose, and carefully treat your pet. Call us today to book a consultation with our experienced vets, Mark, Dave or Lucy.

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