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Success Veterinary Hospital
93 Hammond Rd
Cockburn Central
WA 6164

(08) 9414 9888


Is your pet displaying any of these symptoms?

  • difficulty eating
  • smelly breath
  • dirty, dark or discoloured teeth

If the answer to any of these is “yes” then please ask us about our dental services.

From routine descale and polishing to advanced surgical extractions, Success Vet Hospital is fully equipped to look after all of your pet's dental needs. Regular dental checks can be performed by any of our staff. Dental procedures are carried out most weekdays.

After a general consultation with a fully qualified vet or nurse, we can determine the best dental procedure for your pet. A general anaesthetic is required for a dental procedure, since we can’t just ask your pet to “Open wide!”. A descale and polish is performed using an ultrasonic scaler, just like your own human dentist would use. Teeth are checked in detail and if any extractions are required they are performed during the procedure. Appropriate pain relief will be given to your pet afterwards.

Questions about your pet’s dental health? Give Success Vet Hospital a call - our friendly staff will can give you plenty of advice about caring for your pet’s teeth at home.

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